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House Rules

These community rules aim to foster the best environment for everyone involved. We could list a lot of specific cases, but we think most people know what such rules mean and we want to treat each other as mature, responsible people. Anyone with good intentions is welcome here. If you intend to break the rules, this place is not for you. You can still follow public conversations without registering.

Keep in mind that your posts will be public and archived. This is a place to discuss work on specific projects we are doing. The aim is to both support you and build up a pleasant community and a knowledge base for others. Therefore, it is somewhere between a regular work place and a public forum. If something is Not Suitable For Work, it's likely not suitable for here. For example, we support free speech and democracy, and we appreciate black humour, but this is not always the right place for these.

Your messages become part of conversations. Therefore, we consider them co-owned between you and the participants of those conversations. We cannot remove them later, because they have been published and it would damage those shared conversations. Think before you post.

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